Page 47 – “bone fide” should be “bona fide”

Page 56 – Proof reading tables is the worst.  In Table 4, the back wood of the Stahl mandocello is listed as mahogany when in fact it is maple just like the matching Stahl octave and tenor mandolas.

Page 680 – “sheer strength” should be “shear strength”   As in, “The shear strength of the shy shepherd’s safety rope was surely sufficient to survive being severed by the sharp stones and to share the load of the shepherd and the sheared sheep that shimmied up the sheer cliff.” 

Various pages – In several of the tables (octave mandolin specifications, string choices, fretboard radius and sound velocity) as well on its frequency response graph, I list a “1909 Stahl” when in fact the octave was made and stamp dated in 1906.

Circa 1929 Stahl Mandocellos

Circa 1929 Stahl Mandocellos